A Comprehensive View of the Amended Review Process

Recap of Amended Review: It has been four years since CMS introduced its Amended Review process on July 10, 2017. By way of background, Amended Review finally afforded the parties with an opportunity for a second bite of the apple following the issuance of a CMS decision. Qualifying cases for Amended Review must provide a… Read more »

Summer Pharmacy Happenings!

Summer has brought in some changes in the pharmacy realm offering us additional potential to mitigate claims! The lowest Average Wholesale Price has been impacted by drugs which went generic, seen price drops and newly available to the market.  Drugs that went generic: Duexis® (ibuprofen/famotidine) 800mg-26.6mg tablet – $33.09 to $11.08 for the generic; 66.5%… Read more »