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ECS offers a strong foundation of expertise, technology, key personnel and services for all aspects of MSP Compliance. Our teams understand that “one size for all”¬† is ineffective and the right¬†solution requires an understanding of each client’s specific outcome requirements.

Our process is simple. We focus on our clients’ needs, leverage our extensive clinical and legal experience and create custom solutions that ensure full compliance while reducing costs.

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Tailored MSP Compliance Services that Integrate all Aspects of a Settlement

From Insurance Carriers to Third Party Administrators, Defense Attorneys to Self-Insured Employers and Funds, ECS has developed a nimble and rapid ability to seamlessly tailor customizable solutions for our clients.


Medicare Set-Asides

3,000 RREs

Actively Reporting

13 MIL +

Claims Processed Daily

15 MIL +

Claims Reported to CMS

Claim-by-Claim and Management Reporting in a Single Source Places Your Information on One Page

Analytic Reports Ensure Resources Deployed Appropriately to Address MSP Compliance Challenges Before they Arise

Your Expert Partner for Custom Medicare Compliance and Reporting Solutions

Resolve. Comply. Report.

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