Outcome Management


Agreed to Pharmacy Reductions

Industry Leader for Outcome Management

ECS’s innovative Outcome Management program assists with strategy at every stage of the claim life cycle. Our on-staff Doctors of Pharmacy and experienced cased management experts identify critical savings opportunities and pursue reductions to compliment your existing pharmacy benefit management program. When physician outreach is required, our ExamWorks partner divisions ensure high response rates for IMEs, record retrieval and document management.


Part D Medication costs are the number one cost driver in Medicare Set-Asides. To help mitigate these costs, the ECS RxD program uses written outreach and outcome management to work with physicians to gain agreement to change to more cost effective medications and prove that the agreed upon changes have been successful.


The RxAnalysis is the first step in working to contain medication costs. It includes a comprehensive report regarding all medications from the claim. The analysis, executed by our on-staff PharmD, considers all dynamics of pharmacotherapy efficacy such as medication incompatibilities, comorbidities, aging, Black Box warnings and more.

Physician Outreach

As the next step, ECS PharmD secures the prescribing physician’s agreement to the recommendations provided in the RxAnalysis report, verbally and in writing.

Outcome Management

As the final step, ECS procures and monitors records over time to show changes are executed as agreed and are sustained.

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