Three Rules for “Surviving” Liability MSAs

June 9, 2022

As our loyal readers are all-too-well aware, we’ve been awaiting written regulatory proposals regarding liability Medicare Set-Asides (MSA) for a number of years. ECS always recommends that a plan be developed in advance before a claims organization is caught flat-footed by a Medicare policy or regulatory change.  With that in mind, we tip our hats to the bright folks at Chronovo who continue to be at the head of the line for smart, helpful commentary on the most important matters in claims settlements. Thanks once again to Ken Paradis and the team at Chronovo for their continued effort to educate the industry on important topics that directly impact settlements. Ken invited ECS to co-author a blog regarding the three key facts to know about the current state of liability MSAs and structures.   Click here to read the full article and feel free to share our infographic.


ECS - INFOGRAPHIC - Three Rules to Survive LMSAs_final



Marty Cassavoy

Marty Cassavoy

Marty Cassavoy is the Vice President of MSP Compliance at ExamWorks Compliance Solutions. Marty and his team develop solutions to challenges in all areas of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and across all insurance types. An attorney licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, Marty works out of ExamWorks’ Woburn, Massachusetts office and can be reached at 781-517-8085 or